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Monday, October 17, 2011

Apples of His Eye

Somewhere,I suspect that there are beauty pageants for birds. Here's my imagination at work; my educated guess at what these displays of avi-fauna attractiveness look like.

Our first contestant is the ever popular, ever loved, Eastern Bluebird! Their nickname is the "Bird with Earth on its breast, and Sky on its back." And what a beauty they are!

But these neat little thrushes are more than pretty faces; they are also advocates for those who are in need of housing; hundreds and hundreds of bluebird houses are erected every spring for these fantastic fliers to seek shelter in.

This species is also the poster child for magazine covers, coffee table books, and sweaters that somehow find their way into thrift stores time and time again. They're industrious, crafty and full of vim and vinegar. And who couldn't fall in love that vibrant mix of electric blue and rusty brown?

Yes, it's everyone's favorite: the fun, the flashy, the endearing Eastern Bluebird!

(Thunderous Applause; Whistles, Cheers)

Next in line, is, is, is well, the Chipping Sparrow.

It, uhhh, measures five and a half inches long, is gray and brown...

Its song sounds like an insect...

(Polite Applause; then silence; then crickets)

So there we have it; America's darling of a songbird, the Eastern Bluebird...

(The Crowd Goes Wild)

And that sparrow you sometimes see in your backyard that needs a voice lesson...

(The Crowd Sits Down)

Hmmm, cast your votes, but while you're doing that, this word just came in from our sponsor:

"The Chipping Sparrrow, though small and dull, has God's presence promised it. Guaranteed. A Chippy can't die without God being there. No matter how dull and gray they may be...His eyes are on the sparrow."

(The Crowd Leans Forward, Longing. They Want To Be a Sparrow)

Just a needed reminder that God's presence can turn any popularity contest on its head.

I'm sharing this Hear it On Sunday, Use it on Monday.
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